Text Box: ‘The Mushroom’ 

Studio 285 Architecture was retained to do design an addition plus interior remodels to an existing residence built in the early 80’s. There was to commend the residence in terms of its innate character - wood finish throughout, a unique exposed wood framing system. A hybrid modern-rustic character. A very nice, wooded site in an good neighborhood with an excellent location.

But the home had certain image issues as perceived by the clients:

It looked rather like a mushroom or spaceship ready to blast off.
No real sense of entry. 
An un-differentiated look: it looks as much like a small office building as a residence.

To address the image issues, and make the residence more of a ‘mountain home several design elements were added:

A porch wrapping around two sides of the house firmly grounds the residence, obviating the ‘mushroom’ look and providing a gracious and sheltered outdoor space.
The existing dormers were changed from recessed dormers to the more traditional ‘pushed out one’. One existing dormer is covered up by new roof, two transformed into peaked dormers flanking the entry and two at the master bedroom are combined into a single shed dormer with a horizontal mass - thus creating a composition in balance with the entry and the its flanking dormers.
Text Box: Existing House, before improvements.   (Above and Left)
Text Box: Early Axon sketch of planned improvements (above)

On this page you will find a few design sketches for floorplans. Studio 285 will generate multiple such sketches in this format, affording the client an opportunity compare the merits of different solutions.


You will note a sketch for a kitchen layout on this page. While kitchen design is not a specialty of Studio 285 - we still work out the basics so the space works with enough room for a client’s needs and any design forms a credible basis for development by a kitchen designer. We can work with the client’s kitchen designer to coordinate the kitchen design with the overall home design, decor and functional needs.

Text Box: Studio 285 Architecture, llc
Text Box: Chenecki Residence
640 South Ault Lane
Morrison Colorodo
Text Box: The ten percent solution . . . or the final 10%? 

The final ten percent of a project may consume disproportionately more time and resources than the rest of a project.


Because those last bits are vital to a client, certain areas of a home, such as the masterbedroom/bath, kitchen are areas that demand a high degree of refinement. On this page are examples of this finessing - above a service core area that went through multiple concepts before the final solution. Above left are multiple schemes for a master bath.
Text Box: Front Elevation - planned changes
Text Box: Front Elevation - existing
Text Box: Rear Elevation - planned changes
Text Box: Rear Elevation - exsiting
Text Box: Lower Floorplan - planned changes
Text Box: Upper Floorplan - planned changes