An approach to the profession starts with acknowledgement that the client’s needs come first.

As a State Architect for the The State of Washington, Andrew was involved in a large lease/change of use project. Andrew  and the leasing agents met with the lessor's architect at the state’s office. During the meeting, and after the meeting, at lunch, the lessor’s architect dominated the discussion. His topic wasn't our needs . . . but all the quite wonderful work his firm was doing. We were not unimpressed, but our concern regarding the schedule was never addressed

Experience working on the client’s side of the fence promotes Andrew Mitchell’s understanding of the client’s point of view. The client may bring to the table burning issues above and beyond ‘program needs’ that demand immediate consideration and attention.

Studio 285 Architecture places a high premium on a quality design process. The design phase is where the client’s program needs are articulated into a tangible vision of what will become a reality. Defining what constitutes a quality design process can be problematic . . . as there as many definitions of design as there are Architects. This firm’s definition of good, organic design may be summed up as:

 “Good Architectural design is an unique synthesis of many disparate, often conflicting elements into a single, organic whole.”

Design philosophy follows no set ‘ism’, be it ‘Modernism’, ‘Post Modernism’, ‘Classicism’, ‘Historicism . Our firm seeks to arrive at a final design that fulfils the planned function, clients needs and wishes.

Technical issues are tackled head on. The greatest designs are simply worthless if they cannot be built. The technical aspect of project development are given full attention and not treated as a process separate from design. Often this part of the process is called “production”, i.e. drafting. A preferred phrase may be:  “project technical development”. Building systems must be designed well and integrated with each other and the overall building design. Andrew Mitchell brings years of experience working with mechanical, structural, civil and landscaping making the desired building integration and performance a reality. Detailing is approached with great care creating buildings that are carefully knit together. Experience with nearly every construction type and technology . . . light wood frame, heavy timber, masonry, steel allows for unlimited options and choices.
Building codes, zoning restrictions, community covenants, design review boards, state and federal regulations are capable of placing significant demands on a project. Experience gained in complex, major, markets such as Kansas City, Topeka, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Denver, and Phoenix has developed the confidence to work with regulatory authorities in securing expeditious project approval while defending vital aspects of a project’s design.
Studio 285 Architecture  is a full scope design service. The client can depend on in depth Architectural services from the earliest of planning stages through post construction services and inspections. The firm’s generalist nature insures that all aspects of your project receives the attention it deserves.

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