Text Box: Small Duct (High Velocity) HVAC
· Small Cross Section — great for retrofit and ‘SIPs’ construction. Easily concealable.
· Better air quality due to specialized system design.
· Manufactured proprietary system installed by certified installer.
· As a complete proprietary system, may be quieter.
Text Box: Studio 285 Architecture, llc
Text Box: SIPs  (Structural Insulated Panels) 
Sips are an insulated building panel constructed with a rigid insulating foam core and plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) facing. 
· Thermal Performance — foam higher R-Value per inch than batt insulation.
· Faster erection times..
· Better quality construction. 
· Stronger construction.
· More airtight building shell.
Text Box: Radiant (hydroponic) Heating
Benefits of radiant heating over traditional forced air heating. (low velocity—big duct):
· Comfort/Health:
· Warm Floor=Warm feet
· Radiant Heat=Better Heat Transfer
· Higher Relative Humidity
· Incidence of Allergy/Dust Minimized
· Control:
· Room to Room Temperature Control
· Flexibility:
· Expandability—heat domestic water
· Combination fan coil (air) combined with radiant floor heating.
· Efficiency:
· Lower room/air temperature.
· Claimed savings up to 30%
Text Box: ICF’s (Insulated Concrete Forms)
· Cost Efficient
· Sound Control
· Energy Efficient
· No form stripping
· Insulated forms mean concrete may be poured in cooler weather conditions.
Text Box: Simply put, a better way to build. A  way to create a more comfortable, energy efficient home that creates, and retains a higher value.