Text Box: Studio 285 Architecture, llc
Text Box: Uhrich Residence
Gallagher Cove, 
Olympia, Washington
Text Box: This residence represented a special challenge due to its location and the configuration of the site.

A premium price is paid by those wishing to live on a lot with saltwater frontage.  It is no surprise, then, that they would wish to maximize the value of their investment.

Invariably the foremost wish on the part of the client is to maximize their investment by maximizing views of the waterfront.  Often the first response is to put as much glazing as possible on the elevation with waterfront exposure.

Compliance with the Washington State Energy Codes, meeting earthquake criteria and high wind loading makes copious quantities of glazing problematic.  

Energy code requirements were met by the 'prescriptive method'. Given a certain set of construction standards, floor area and a glazing performance level, a maximum allowable area of glazing results.  That 'glazing budget' was used judiciously to maximize the best views.

Seismic and wind loading concerns were dealt with through the careful design of vertical and horizontal shear diaphragms.

The site was narrow and steeply sloping in two directions.  The design solution entailed a compact Text Box: North Elevation, shed roof breaks up the mass of this elevation and follows the ground slope.   (Top)
Text Box: View from the waterfront.   Windows  wrap around corner to accommodate the best view of the waterfront.  (Below)
Text Box: View of North Elevation
Text Box: View of East Elevation.  Careful site planning was required to provide a flat drive apron without creating a driveway too steep for vehicles.
Text Box: View from stair landing.

Text Box: Under construction, note shingles which disappeared under the contractor's paintbrush.
Text Box: Interior view from entry.
Text Box: Site Plan: Note narrow site and steep slope down and across site.

Main Level Floorplan:
Note compact footprint of house.  Main living area has open open-plan design with the fireplace as the central element.
Text Box: Text Box: Upper Floorplan
Text Box: Lower Floorplan
Text Box: Main Level  Floorplan