Text Box: This project turned out to be an enjoyable collaboration between Andrew, the client and the contractor.

There were three issues that the clients wished to address: linking the detached garage to the house with a new entry space, diminishing the heat gain/loss problem of skywriting over the kitchen and remodeling the existing bathroom into a more functional and appealing layout.

The challenge of linking the living and garage portion of the residence was addressed by utilizing the vocabulary of nested roof peaks in the living unit. 

Drama is introduced into the interior of the entry with the peaked roof form and the use of light. Light is carefully used with the medium of glass block and circular windows placed high in the peaks, reminiscent of the rose window of ancient cathedrals. 

Form was dealt with on a sculptural basis. Pushing the elevation of the entry facing the street into a prow form highlights its function. Further, angled intersection at the entry door contributes to the feeling of an outdoor "anteroom".  The use of glass block is uniquely expressed in a curvilinear form.

The clients wished to retain the sunwashed feel created by the existing skylighting, yet desired a much higher level of thermal performance.  This issue was dealt with by replacing the skylighting material with double glazed skylighting with a higher thermal performance and and lower overall glazed area.  further, skylighting installed incorporated a venting option, allowing heat trapped in the peaks to vent.

The existing bathroom was remodeled to be more efficient and to serve only the master bedroom.  A new bathroom was added to serve the main living areas in the entry.
Text Box: Existing House, before improvements.   
Text Box: Sketch delineating proposed entry link. 
Text Box: View of completed remodel and addition from street.   
Text Box: Inside entry, looking west.   
Text Box: Inside entry, looking east.   
Text Box: Studio 285 Architecture, llc
Text Box: Gamble Residence
Kirkaldy Court
Olympia, Washington
Text Box: Backyard: looking towards new addition.   
Text Box: Close-in shot of entry.   
Text Box: Trellis off backdoor of entry and master bedroom.  Contract documents detailed only a schematic design for the trellis.  The contractor took this part of the design and developed the detailing to a fine level.  Protection from rain and allowing light to come through was accommodated by the re-use of sheet plastic skylighting salvaged from the roof over the kitchen 
Text Box: Floorplan:  Note incorporation of curved glass block walls.  The block was carefully laid out so as to work on a tight radius.
Text Box: Roofplan:  Existing translucent skylighting material over the full extent of the kitchen area failed to perform.  It was replaced with a series of higher performance double-glazed skylights with less overall glazed area.