This project was planned as a major expansion of both the Maplewoods and Longview campuses with either new, addition/remodel or remodel of approximately three to five of each at each campus. Scope was extensive, going beyond buildings alone to programming and execution of the overall master campus and landscape design.


Andrew Mitchell’s primary contribution was to the Student service’s building at the Maplewood’s campus. This was in addition to substantial support roles spread around the other individual projects.

This project was an addition that effectively doubled the amount of classrooms a new wing with approximately the same footprint as the original wing of the existing school. The existing wing and new wing were to be joined by ’knuckle’ housing a new kitchen, multi-purpose room and school administrative offices. The knuckle was designed with the  multi-purpose room laid out as a quarter circle with administrative offices across the flanking curved corridor.


The concept of a circular element supporting the ‘knuckle concept’ finds its expression in a round entry element flanked by angular exterior walls. Of note is the recognition of the severe weather threats encountered in the Midwest with the response of a storm-shelter/basement below the multipurpose room.

Project: Central High School

Kansas city, Missouri

Firm: By Design

Principal in charge: Thomas Eatman

Design: Thomas Eatman


This was designed as a replacement for the old Central High school as part of a court mandated plan in the late 80’s. It was developed as a magnet school with a special emphasis on specialized curriculum areas. The sophistication of the program and the resulting building design closely models what might be found at the colligate level.

Text Box: This project, an AIA award winner, was a replacement for an existing school well beyond its service life. The school is situated on a peninsular area of land jutting into Puget Sound. Its service area was too small to support a full-sized prototype so a one-off design was called for. This created an opportunity to do something unique.  

The project was designed to recall nautical forms and images formerly found along the Puget Sound waterfront. The repetitive peaked roof forms and the square, boxy form of the multi-purpose room further this intent. Light fixtures and other ancillary equipment were selected  for compatibility with the nautical image. 

Plan organization was very logical and straightforward.  Two corridors forming an ‘L’ flanked the adjacent sides of the multi-purpose room. Classrooms, libraries and administrative spaces front off this corridor. Provisions were made to accommodate  the Northwest’s rainy climate by incorporating a covered play area open to the outside. 

The availability of quality wood products in the Northwest makes it cost effective for  uses  other than traditional stick framed residential.  As such this school was framed out entirely in wood. To make the use of wood framing possible full sprinklering of the facility was used as a trade off for one-hour construction throughout.  Extra attention to detailing wall assemblies was  called for, as gyp.sum board /wood stick framing does not have the organic ‘do it all qualities' of masonry block.  (sound control, fire resistance, impact resistance).




Blue Valley High School (addition/remodel)

Stanley, KS

IThe Hollis + Miller Group)


East High School (additon/remodel)

Kansas city, Missouri

(Lund Balderson)


Boston Harbor Elementary School  (new construction)

Olympia, Washington

(The BJSS Group)


Student Services Building (new construction)

Metropolitan Community College

Kansas City, Missouri

(LHWW Architects)


Blue Valley Elem. #12(new construction)

Stanley, Kansas

(The Hollis + Miller Group)


Blue Valley Elem. #11 (new construction)

Stanley, Kansas

(The Hollis + Miller Group)


Central High School (new construction)

Kansas City, Missouri

(By Design Architecture)


School Growth or Move: A Charter or Private School may be experiencing a transient existence and also explosive growth. Architect Andrew E Mitchell has a background with leased facilities and tenant finish gained working as team with leasing agents. He can help a school quickly determine its needs, identify and evaluate prospective spaces/locations, perform quick feasibility studies/space layouts and design for the selected location, working with the lesser and contractor.


Existing Facilities: They have ongoing  issues that demand attention. Studio 285 can help with those, be it a reroof, HVAC issues or worn out and outdated equipment and interior remodels. Site issues may be addressed,  including such aspects as ADA/accessibility, parking lot repair/expansion, playground/playfield modification and design.


A Sense of Place: Unfortunately too many public schools are very cool and impersonal institutions of brick and block. Internally they may be a disorienting maze. Studio 285 can help a Charter/Private School stand out with well ordered designs that exhibits a distinctive  image and personality reflective of the owner/occupant


Cost Effective Facilities: The classic capital facilities method of construction of brick, block and steel may be beyond the budget of Private and Charter schools. Studio 285 can leverage its experience  with alternate construction technologies to provide facilities that are both cost effective and durable. 

Text Box: Educational: Charter and Private School

Enumclaw Elementary School (new construction)

Enumclaw, Washington

(BLRB + B Architects)


Northshore Elementary School (new construction)

Everett Washington

(The BJSS Group)


Lakes High School (addition/remodel)

Tacoma, Washington

(The BJSS Group)


Dieringer Middle School (new construction)

Gig Harbor, Washington

(The BJSS Group)


Prairie View Elem. School (addition/remodel)

Lee’s Summit, Missouri

(LHWW Architects)


Business Building (new construction)

Metropolitan Comm. College

(LHWW Architects)


Pleasant Hill Elem. School (new construction)

Pleasant Hill, Missouri

(LHWW Architects)


Denver Public Schools (alterations and remodels)

Denver. Colorado

((Reseutek Design Group)

Project: Boston Harbor Elem. School. 

Olympia, Washington

Firm: The BJSS Group

Principal in Charge: Steve Johnson

Senior Project Architect: Bob Maben

Project Design:

Chris Johnson

Project Architects:

Andrew Mitchell

Lee Knawa

Project: Pleasant View Elementary School

Lee’s summit, Missouri

Firm: Linscott Haylett Wimmer and Wheat

Principal in charge: Edward Wimmer

Project Manager: Robert House

Project lead/design: James Freed

Job Captain: Andrew E. Mitchell

Project: Metroplitan Community College, Maplewoods and Longview campuses.

Knasa City, Missouri

Firm: Linscott, Haylett, Wimmer and Wheat

Principal in Charge: Edward Wimmer.

Design: By individual  project architects for each building.

A blast from the past before Computer Aided Design (CAD) became the only means of producing technical documents.  An all but lost art?